The Sh*tty Barn Shivers...then Stirs!

Buried under the snow and cold, The Barn is dreaming of summer nights, ramp brats and sweet harmonies. Are you dreaming the same thing?

We have good news for you all, those dreams will come true in 2016! (Ramp brat dreams not guaranteed, but are you listening Enos Farms?) Things are changing at the Sh*tty Barn but there will be music, food, and the shitty ambiance you’ve come to expect.

At the closing show last season, Chris gave his farewell speech and surprised us all. Lives twist and turn and change, so while Chris and Martha still love the Barn and want it to continue, they can no longer run it. So if you see them at the Barn this season, say hi and thanks, but don’t ask questions about your tickets to next month’s show or if your nephew’s cousin’s band can play the Barn. We all owe them a debt of gratitude for the idea of live music in Spring Green, actually making the crazy idea happen, and being incredibly gracious by passing the idea on and allowing it to grow.

So yeah, This Season. You’ll recognize the faces that are taking over; we’ve been there all along. And we’re thrilled, honored, and excited to continue the magic. So stay tuned and dream of shitty summer nights.

- Your Sh*tty Barn Team


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