What is the Shitty Barn?  Audience and performer coexist in an intimate and integrated space with as little separating instruments and ears as possible. No stage. A limited number of tickets sold.  Like having the performance in your living room (except, in this case, a sh*tty barn). 

When are shows?  We operate May through October.  Shows are mostly Wednesdays, rarely Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays.  Our schedule should be consulted.

What time and how long are shows?  The doors open at 6:00 pm and music starts at 7:30. Music is wrapped up before 10:30.  

Where is the Shitty Barn?  506 E. Madison St., Spring Green, WI (Yes, you are entering the industrial park)

Are shows kid friendly?  Children 6 years and older are welcome. Because it is an intimate concert setting that lasts 2+ hours, it is not a good place for jelly grubs and squirmy worms. We love your kids (really!), but we leave our young'uns at home and you probably should, too: If our adult patrons are disturbed, we will ask you to step outside and/or leave.  All of that said, you know your kids better than we do.  Infants/toddlers (lapable kids) do not need a ticket (all other kids do).

Dogs?  What about dogs? Please, no dogs. We're an old farm in an industrial park, and they're just not safe.

Do you take credit cards?  C'mon!  It's just a shitty barn!  Cash-money, baby! 

Do you sell food?  Enos Farms is on-hand for every show. They provide A-MAZING chow at reasonable prices, including veg and GF options. Please patronize them. We used to start a charcoal grill every show, but with Enos Farms serving such tasty food it has gone to the scrap heap. You can bring your own picnic, but leave the brats at home.

Can I bring my own beverages? Please no carry-ins.  We sell wine, beer, some soda and water at our cash bar.

What should I bring?  A picnic (sans beverages), a camp chair or blanket, bug juice and sunscreen (if you don't like our cheap and nasty stuff), weather-appropriate clothing, barn appropriate footwear, cash-ola for hydration and/or (modest) inebriation.

Are tickets available at the door?  We strongly encourage purchasing tickets in advance.  Shows do and will sell out, though any unsold tickets will be available at the door.  It's best to check our website, Facebook page or Twitter account for the latest details about ticket availability.

Do you cancel shows because of weather? We never cancel a performance in advance. We can fit everyone in the Barn so the show will go on if it's raining. The weather can vary a lot within our small geographic area. So if it's storming in Madison, it can be clear in Spring Green.

Are shows loud? They can be. We have a lot of low volume shows, and occasionally we like to rock out. It's advised to listen to the band's music before purchasing tickets. We'll try to do a good job of providing sample songs or videos for each band in the calendar.