Our Photographers

Calvin Lazer McMurray

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Calvin Lazer McMurray - Video

Calvin studied film in Vancouver, Canada and has a background in Graphic Design.
Lived in Saudi Arabia for a year to work as a video editor.  Worked with Spot Filmworks and Planet Propaganda.
Favorite codec is H.264. 
Loves Star Wars.
Total nerd.
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Carissa Dixon


Carissa Dixon - Photo/Video

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Connie Ward


Connie Ward - Photographer, Video Curator & Co-Producer

Connie has shared the stories of the Shitty Barn Sessions through intimate portraits and live snapshots since its inception in 2010. A Madison native and music scene veteran fondly considers Spring Green her adopted home. Connie’s passion for music and live shows is limitless. The Shitty Barn houses a collection of elements that inspire her: an intimate setting, a close-knit, yet extended, community, and a treasure trove of chances to share a feeling through an image. You might spy Connie snapping photos from the Barn’s rafters and other arty angles. 

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Heidi Johnson


Heidi Johnson - Photo/Video

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Jack Whaley

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Jack Whaley - Video

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Justin Kibbel

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Justin Kibbel - Photographer

Justin has recently revisited his passion for photography in the past few years focusing at the moment on live music photography at venues such as High Noon Saloon in Madison and Codfish Hollow in Iowa.  He has also had a portrait gallery featured on Pitchfork.com.  His concert photography tends to be included under the umbrella of This Means War! with which he also acts as booking agent, manager, PR, and/or promoter for a few bands in the state.

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Nath Dresser

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Nath Dresser - Photography

Nath got his start with music photography back in the late ‘70s, when he photographed Townes Van Zandt at The Cat’s Cradle in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.  It was a promising start, but after that he only dabbled in music photography.  Nearly 35 years later he brought his camera to the end-of-the-year Shitty Barn party, and one image of his in particular caught Connie’s eye.  Come 2012, Nath became one of the Shitty photographers, a title he’s very happy with.  You can pick Nath out pretty easily as he’s the guy using old, manual-focus lenses.  (You can’t teach an old goat new tricks—not too many of them, anyway.) 

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Rob Steffen


Rob Steffen - Photographer

Rob developed an interest in photography back in the days of Brownie cameras and Flashcubes, and enjoyed taking snapshots whenever he had the money for film and developing. He considered majoring in photojournalism during his time at Kent State, but was too intimidated by his peers (two of whom went on to win Pulitzer Prizes for their work behind the camera), so he switched to advertising. He did get two concert photos (Genesis and Little Feat) published in the Daily Kent Stater back in the day, primarily because one of his roommates was the entertainment editor.

His love of rock and roll photography – and that old photojournalism bug – have been revived at The Sh*tty Barn. Rob’s a long-time Barn-cat, first going there when the only show was a once-a-year beer-fest with three or four raucous bands playing at full volume. He is honored to have been asked to join the photo staff, and hopes his work is worthy of the quality already being produced by Barn photographers.

When he’s not at the Barn, Rob currently spends a lot of time around dawn and dusk lurking in mosquito-infested swamps, tromping through spider- and snake-filled meadows or jumping out of his car on backroads bridges hoping there’s no other traffic coming, to shoot landscapes during the “golden hour.”

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