Session 161: Twin Brother // Dash Hounds

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July 12, 2017

Ever since he was old enough to drink, West Allis native Sean Raasch has been playing music in Milwaukee area bars and clubs. He first made a name for himself as one half of the band Jackraasch,an angsty, sloppy, rockin’ two piece with drummer Tyler Nelson. The duo became known for power chords, upbeat songs, shout singing, and plenty of partying.

In 2012, Raasch and Nelson transitioned to a more grounded, folk­rock sound, changing their name to Twin Brother. After playing one show, they added bassist and violinist Lodi (Lodewijk Broekhuizen), who they met while recording the first Twin Brother album. The connection was made at Club Garibaldi in Bay View, where Lodi was working as a sound engineer and Raasch helps with booking.

Since teaming up with Lodi, Twin Brother became one of the more formidable rock acts in town, playing Summerfest a handful of times and opening for bands at Turner Hall Ballroom.

Twin Brother’s last record "Swallow the Anchor" was one of the finest releases of 2014. It is a hauntingly beautiful piece of folk­rock. Raasch’s stellar songwriting is elevated by delicately heavy sounds, which build, pulse and haunt listeners well after the final chord.

Swallow the Anchor was followed up with a live recording from Club Garibaldi and a solo project by Raasch. In January 2016, Twin Brother took part in Local Coverage, performing their own renditions of Klassik’s hip­hop music. Nelson parted ways with Twin Brother after Local Coverage 2016, ending a decade long musical partnership with Raasch.

In October 2016, Raasch decided to give Twin Brother another shot. Lodi has since moved to lead guitar, they’ve enlisted Luke Rivard on drums, Terry Hackbarth (Trolley) on bass guitar, Andrew Eshbaugh on trumpet, and Marlese Koehnlein on keys. He describes the new sound as “more flushed out, bigger, and groovier, incorporating more vocals and harmonies. Raasch plays guitar on fewer tracks now, allowing him to be more of a lead singer.

The band is working on a new album due out later in 2017.


Dash Hounds is a guitar pop 4 piece out of Madison, WI, formed in the winter of 2015. Spacey guitars and somber vocals create a brooding, beautiful atmosphere. Dash Hounds' 5 song debut EP 'EFT' released August 27th, 2016.