Thank you for an incredible 10th season!! 

We'll have a brand new roof ready to go for our 2020 season thanks to you.  Stay warm and we'll see you all in the spring.

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Help The Shitty Barn de-shitify its roof

When a venue has the word “shitty” in its name, occasional repairs are to be expected.

Channel 3000: Roof on Spring Green's Sh*tty barn too shoddy; venue asks for help funding repairs

Even for a venue that prides itself enough on being derelict to call itself the Sh*tty Barn, there is such a thing as too sh*tty. 

The Shitty Barn Needs a New Roof

The seasonal venue in Spring Green is asking patrons for help.

Experimental music goes rogue at the Shitty Barn

The Spring Green venue looks to get out of its comfort zone with a show on August 31.

Shitty Barn announces 2018 schedule

It might seem sometimes like Wisconsin winters will never end, but fear not! In a surefire sign of approaching summer, the Shitty Barn’s new season schedule has dropped.

Not So Sh*tty

Maybe you’ve heard of it, maybe you haven’t. To some it’s a mystery, to others it’s their favorite weird place to see live music. 

Freakons at The Hideout and the Shitty Barn

When the Mekons teamed up with Freakwater, of course they called themselves the Freakons. As they’ve joked, the other option was Meekwater, a far less formidable-sounding portmanteau.

Tone Madison: Shitty Barn's 2017 season features Ryley Walker, Califone, Freakons

Spring Green venue the Shitty Barn, which has become a live-music staple for Madisonians in the summer and fall, rolled out its 2017 schedule on Friday night.

Now Playing: A Tour of the Midwest Music Scene

Where do you go to fall in love with your new favorite band? The Midwest is a good start. Cozy lounges, barnyard stages and more curate a diverse music scene sure to please any fan. Take a tour of our favorite venues.

March’s mixbag of live music

Buffalo Gospel sounds a lot like their name; their soulful country western has the twang of rural Montana with the soul of a church choir.

Shitty Barn announces 2016 season schedule

Spring Green’s Shitty Barn is poised to become the shit again.

Shitty Barn's 2016 season features Me eN You, Sarah Neufeld, Wood Chickens

The Spring Green venue's season begins May 4 with Sonny Night And The Lakers.

2016 Shitty Barn Producers Interview

At the end of the 2015 season, Shitty Barn co-founder Chris Staples announced that he was stepping away from day to day management of the Barn. Spring Green-ers Mike Lashua, Allen DeSchepper and Jason Frazier were among the small group of Barn friends that volunteered to continue the work that Staples started “quite by accident” back in 2010.  Lashua, DeSchepper and Frazier split up booking duties between them for the 25-gig season. Lashua is also a veteran Barn sound man. Frazier will be tending to the Barn’s facility and maintenance needs. And DeSchepper will be responsible for filling Staples’s shoes in the “hospitality” department, which he defines as “keeping the bands and the people happy.”    

2014 Mystery Sesh w/ Heartless Bastards

On a July night that verged on an overcast fall evening, the Spring Green venue’s second Mystery Barn Session hosted the Dayton-founded, Austin-based, garage bluesquartet that’s no stranger to Madison

2013 Control and Czarbles Session

Rolling from Madison to Spring Green’s Shitty Barn is a pleasure indeed, casting off the summer construction and surrounding traffic of Wisconsin’s capitol into the territory of Taliesin and the American Players Theater

Shitty barn featured in the Isthmus!

Check out this nice article about our venue in the Isthums.

Lands' End Blogs All About It

Many good friends of the Barn are also friends and gainful employees of our great big neighbor Lands' End.  Recently, we had the great good fortune of being featured on the Lands' End blog.  There are some great photos!  Take a peek!

Madison Commons - An Old Barn Gains New Life As A Concert Hall

Emily Eggleston showed up at the Shitty Barn Party in 2012 with a video camera and a plan.  The culmination of her effort features an academic legitimization of our Shitty name!  BONUS!

Jonk Music Preview

Hillary Sprecher, semi-local, self-styled music wonk paints a heart-felt picture of the Barn Sessions.

Mezzic's Flattering Infiltration

Photography + Video: Christopher Paul Stelling & Pioneer at Sh*tty Barn Sessions (Spring Green, WI)

Zeti (Pezzettino) 2011 Favorite Things

Margaret Stutt gives the Shitty Barn a big hug in her 2011 Favorite Things blog post.

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