Adria Kaufman

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Adria Kaufman is a graphic designer at Planet Propaganda in Madison, WI. Before landing in Madison by way of Michigan (Menominee, Mackinac Island, and Detroit, to be exact), Adria used her considerable artistic talent in a bunch of different ways—from screen printing and letter press, to watercolor, pan pastels and charcoal. She still spends her leisure time at those pursuits, often wowing with her multimedia prowess, and brings the eye of a seasoned artist to her graphic design work.

When not creating art, you’ll find Adria playing vintage arcade games, or curled up with her cat indulging in the nostalgic pleasures of Goonies or Twin Peaks.

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Poster Designs

Shittysquare Shitty Barn Poster F 2017 1 Scott H Birham Square SBS v2 2018 LostLakes Shitty Barn WEB Harmonius Wail