Joseph Hughes

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I'm a designer by trade and a writer by education, and I have a firm belief that pride in your craft and a respect for what you do make all the difference. I get excited by a lot of things, but I've been especially inspired lately by the creativity and craft found in everyday objects. Old packaging. Vintage instruction manuals. Old color combinations and paper textures. Shop machinery. Industrial logos. Thick lines. Weathered signage. Hand lettering. Thrift store finds. Functional pieces designed by anonymous craftspeople nowhere near the big time, but who toiled away in obscurity and still had the pride to put those memorable flourishes in their work. I'm joined in this adventure by my wife Casey, who recently earned her doctorate, our cat, Bea Arthur, who, despite being adorable, would eat us if she were big enough and our pooch, Quigley, who loves naps and hates our mailman.

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