Bernadette Witzack

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Bernadette Witzack

When Bernadette was in first grade, her class was asked to perform a song in the school concert that involved both snapping and whistling. Unfortunately, Bernadette could neither snap nor whistle. In the next few weeks she became hellbent on learning to do both. Bernadette’s after-school babysitter, gifted with infinite patience, transformed her into an accomplished snapper. When the day of the school concert came, she snapped her fingers raw. Luckily, no one seemed to notice her strange, high pitched hum for what it was: decidedly not a whistle. To this day, she still can’t whistle, but enthusiastically hums along to the whistle part in songs. 

Bernadette is a both a fine artist and an aspiring graphic designer. She holds a MFA in Fine Art from the University of Michigan, a BA in Studio Art from Beloit College, and is currently enrolled in the Graphic Design program at Madison College (expected graduation May 2019).

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