Jorel Dray

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Jorel Dray Shitty Profile

Born on the planet Krypton, raised in Wisconsin. Jorel Dray spent just shy of 10 years working with the fine folks at Hiebing, where he was Senior Art Director/Partner. Presently, he has been seen sporting a tweed sport coat with leather elbow patches—filling his duties as Instructor of Graphic Design and Illustration at Madison College. Armed with an unhealthy obsession with design, and a infinite appreciation of music he fills his free time with pushing black pepper around for artists like Sean Hayes (see poster here ). 

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Poster Designs

Pines WebImage Shitty Poster Final Jeffrey Square SmoothHound Square Chastity Pines 2018 Final Square2 Pines 2017 Poster 6 Square unnamed 3 SuitcaseJunket Square Pines 2018 Final Square Pines WebImage2 Pines 2017 Poster 6 Square2