Catering by Enos Farms

unnamed 4Together Jeremy and Erin share 40 years of foodservice experience, a passion for eating deliciously, and for daily farm work as their means for healthy living. Through those years they've witnessed the worst and the best of the ways in which food has been grown, prepared, and served. Today, they aim to grow and source only high-quality local produce, prepare it with little adulteration--staying out of the way of good ingredients--and to pass along that deliciousness to their dinner guests.

They invite you to join them for "Tacos!" every Wednesday at the Sh*tty Barn. As the seasons change, so will their selection so you'll never be bored even if you hit up every Barn show. Vegan, Vegetarian, Gluten and Dairy Free guests are all accommodated. Dessert available, always. Whether you're looking for a nibble to tide you over or you've got a serious appetite, Enos Farms welcomes you to their Sh*tty Taco Stand.

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