Session 178: Abby Jeanne // Rose of the West

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May 09, 2018

Abby Jeanne is a songwriter, singer and producer originally from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. In 2010 she hit the road in her mini-van to begin her musical journey With her first demo and Band Eden-Abby. she would spend the next 4 years traveling around America and Europe as a solo artist exploring her creativity and finding her voice. In 2015 she returned home to collaborate, write and produce music for other jazz, rock and hip-hop artists including some Milwaukee favorites; Foreign Goods and queen tut.

In 2016 she formed her band, and in February 2017, she released her debut album "rebel Love' in such a short amount of time Abby and her band have found immense success and demand in their hometown, with a busy schedule, daily local radio play, and opening for international musicians such as ishdarr and no name.

She has spent the rest of 2017 playing her music at many festivals and clubs of the Mid-west, Europe, India, and Thailand. In September (2017) she released a new single "Comsic Beings" and is currently recording a new 7" to be released 2018.

Abby personally describes her music as "rock n roll with a dreamers soul", and she hopes that her music and poetry guide listeners into her transcending reality.


Rose of the West loosely threads dark and brooding strands throughout its newest songs to bind its temperate-but-temperamental style of pop. The result is a beautifully structured, soft-blooming, Technicolor Lynchian dreamscape with just the right amount of sparkle amidst the dark shadows to catch the eye. Are you awake or still sleeping? Are these thoughts your own or are they driven by the characters who populate your dreams?

Driving these hazy dream-currents of music are frosty synths, radiant warmth from guitar and piano, nimble bass lines and a tempestuous, gutsy kick from clear-cut percussion. Rose of the West leader, Gina Barrington, brings it all together with her crystalline-but-sultry vocals, twisting and turning lyrics over like talismans. And no matter how dark, Barringtons most desolate words always seem to hold the possibility of turning those single sparks into bright flames.

Look for Rose of the Wests full-length record on Communicating Vessels this summer.