Session 196: Smooth Hound Smith // Nick Brown

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August 08, 2018

Smooth Hound Smith is a foot stompin American roots duo comprised of one-man-band Zack Smith (guitars/vocals/foot drums/harmonicas/banjo) and Caitlin Doyle (vocals/percussion). Established in 2012, and based in East Nashville, TN, they record and perform a varied and unique style of folky, garage-infused rhythm & blues. Using primal foot percussion, complex, fuzzed-out, finger-picked guitar patterns, warbled harmonicas, tasty harmonies and A LOT of tambourine, they are able to create something rugged and visceral- a modern interpretation of early blues, soul, and rock n roll music that harkens back to the traditions of hazy front porch folk songs as well as raucous back-alley juke joints.

The duo has traveled over 150,000 road miles, playing over 800 shows across America, Europe, and Canada, all in the last five years. In addition to their own headlining shows, they have toured as support for bands such as the Dixie Chicks (25 dates in the US and Canada in 2016/2017), The Record Company, and Jamestown Revival.

Their eponymous debut album garnered attention from media outlets such as Nashvilles independent radio, WRLT Lightning 100, as well as publications like American Songwriter and RELIX Magazine. They were also selected over thousands of other bands to perform at the 2015 Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival in Manchester, TN, headlined by Billy Joel, Mumford & Sons, Ben Harper & The Innocent Criminals, and more. In addition, the music of Smooth Hound Smith has been featured on CMTs Nashville, MTVs The Real World and the Esquire Network.

Smooth Hound Smiths second full-length album, Sweet Tennessee Honey, was released in 2016, and features appearances by Natalie Maines (Dixie Chicks), Sarah Jarosz, and Jano Rix (The Wood Brothers). They continue to tour heavily while working on new material for a third full-length album, expected to be released in 2018.


Nick Brown is a singer and songwriter based in Madison, Wis. A longtime musical collaborator and bass player, Brown released his debut album, Slow Boat, in 2012. The snow-country-tinted and heartfelt album was particularly well received among fellow malcontents and shiftless romantics.

Browns second album, the EP Contender, was recorded over three years, featuring the skilled hands and musically proficient minds of longtime Madison players and bandmates Andrew Harrison (electric and pedal steel guitars), Ben Wolf (drums, percussion, synths), Rusty Lee (keys, synths) and Pat Logterman (upright bass, gourd banjo).

Press for "The Contender"

"Folk rock musician Nick Brown has the heart of an artist and the head of a journalist. His new record, Contender, ties the two together with lean, clear imagery and fully realized compositions."

"The band comes through on this with an apt mix of punch and slyness. Wolf and Logterman give the song a propulsive swing, while Lee and Wolfs organ chords and synth lines add a cheerful sheen to the verses and a bouncy little hook on the chorus. Between the verses, Harrisons burly, cutting melodies help to add a bit of suspense to the everymans cyclical misadventures."