Session 212: Moon Ruin // Yummm (formerly P • PL)

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SBS212.19 MoonRuinWEB Poster Design: Tracy Harris

May 15, 2019

Moon Ruin is the new music project of Peoria, IL songwriter, Jared Bartman. Ephemeral yet timeless, it is the home where Bartman's new record, Slow Down Ego, can find repose. Having released music under his namesake for ten years, the move to Moon Ruin is a throwing off of preconceived notions and the pressure of expectation. Slow Down Ego is a manifestation of internalized anxiety; that uneasy feeling that follows you like a melancholy ghost. It nags your decisions and creeps into idle thoughts. As a catalyst to reckon with forces, both internal and external, it influences our lives. Engineered over the course of two years with producers Mike Noyce (Bon Iver, The Tallest Man on Earth, Aero Flynn) and Liam O'Brien (OQ, Holy Sheboygan), Slow Down Ego saw release on vinyl LP via Dilated Time Records and all digital services on April 6, 2018. Moon Ruin toured the US in 2018 and are touring further in 2019 in a full band format featuring Mike Noyce and Dave Power (The Staves, Aero Flynn), and Brian Wells.


Yummm (formerly P • PL) (“people”) is groove-centric feels music. A rotating crew of Minneapolis friends playing songs designed for cutting rugs with your whole heart. Who says you can’t introspect while you dance? This time we’re trying a three piece: Pat Keen, Dave Power and I are getting back to the basics. Come shake it with us.