Session 233: Abby Jeanne // Saebra & Carlyle

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August 21, 2019 | SOLDOUT!

Doors: 6pm
Show: 7pm

I (Abby Jeanne) am just a product of a haunted jukebox and the golden heart degenerates. Nothing beats writing the narrative for the cosmic radio and thriving off of the lust for life. Dreams, schemes and traveling the world. It’s Rock N’ Roll for the dreamers soul. Every note feels like a sanctified connection echoing into the chambers of heart ache and passion.  My spirit is made from the fire of rebellion, and the desire to spread it wild. Tho my character may translate as a one with rigid strength and angst, in truth it is just the golden armor of a powerful woman who fights fear with courage head on.  Love is the key and music is my language. With this tool I hope to heal and translate the traumas of our lives.


Saebra and Carlyle is a high energy, female fronted rock n roll band founded in 2017 by Saebra Laken and Carlyle Nowak. The band has since added Jesse Buskov on drums and Mary Joy on bass to flesh out their haunting, driving, and catchy songs. Saebra and Carlyle have quickly evolved to become one of Milwaukee’s most promising up and coming bands, bringing their stomp and grace to some of the city’s largest stages and venues with an ever expanding catalog of songs. Saebra’s lyrics are a tornado of righteous fury to match her soulful wail, urging the listener to question authority, reclaim their power, and revolt. Carlyle’s guitar is one part Duane Eddy, one part Ebnnio Morricone, and three parts mescaline, barreling down a midnight highway. The twin forces of voice and guitar are grounded by the adrenaline soaked bash of Jesse’s percussion and the lush bounce of Mary Joy’s bass, which combine to embue the band with a warm, organic originality while suffusing the mystery and beauty with a welcome dose of grit. Saebra and Carlyle have recorded with Shane Hochstetler at Howl Street Recordings, a full album of live wire opulence is expected in 2019/20.