Current Team

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Allen DeSchepper - Booking, Hospitality & Co-Producer

Enduring, strong-featured, and genial member of the Barn team, Allen DeSchepper started off in engineering in the early 2000s and then carved his name into Spring Green popular culture as a rugged adventurer, rock singer, and a creator-of-holidays.  At the Barn, he works in booking and hospitality.

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Becky Rex - Treasurer

Becky pays the bills that keep the pretty, twinkly lights glowing at the Barn. When she's not at the bank or the post office, she's assisting the arts and culture programs at Taliesin, a little house just up the road. The rest of the time, she's wheeling her two boys around town in a double stroller and juggling schedules with their dad, the Barn's "sound guy".

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Brian Knapp - Sound & Hospitality

Brian Knapp is an IT guy, Sound guy, and Music guy.  He's passionate about making it easier for others to share what they love through technology.  He also helps his wife run her successful online art business and records and makes music at his Madison recording studio

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Cari Stebbins - Facilities

Cari makes sure our facebook page has posts and twitter has tweets. She's also a Jill of all trades, and jumps in where jumping in is needed. 

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Connie Ward - Photographer, Video Curator & Co-Producer

Connie has shared the stories of the Shitty Barn Sessions through intimate portraits and live snapshots since its inception in 2010. A Madison native and music scene veteran fondly considers Spring Green her adopted home. Connie’s passion for music and live shows is limitless. The Shitty Barn houses a collection of elements that inspire her: an intimate setting, a close-knit, yet extended, community, and a treasure trove of chances to share a feeling through an image. You might spy Connie snapping photos from the Barn’s rafters and other arty angles. 

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Jason Frazier - Facilities, Booking & Co-Producer

One of the original Barn crew members, Jason keeps The Barn flowing and functioning to maintain it's shittiness. He also is part of the booking team in the off-season.

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Joy Frazier - Hospitality & Bar

One of our first tenders of bar, Joy makes sure Owen buys the beer and does his job. And when he doesn't, she does it for him. She'll also be the smiling face you'll see when you come to our gates.

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Mike Lashua

Mike Lashua - Sound, Booking & Co-Producer

Mike has been a part of the staff at the Barn for the past 6 seasons and feels blessed to be back as part of this extraordinary team. An adopted member of the Spring Green community, Mike is passionate about live music, discovering new bands, rediscovering old bands and sharing that with people.  You will see him behind the sound board mixing the shows but he is also part of the Booking team in the off-season.  Mike is an electrical engineer and lives in Madison with his lovely wife Amber and son Drew. Besides music, Mike loves outdoor adventures of any kind, running, volunteering in his church and community, strong coffee, good beer and the company of family and friends.

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Owen Brush - Bar Manager

The man behind the Bar. It's up to Owen to keep the beer cold, fridges full, and a smile on your face.

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Rob Steffen - Photographer / Copywriter

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Sara Stellick - Front of House & Tickets

In the real world, Sara is the Assistant Production Manager/Queen of Randomness at American Players Theatre. Here in the dream world of the Barn, she greets the masses, deals with ticket questions, hands out beer when necessary and works to keep everything running smoothly. And for the chance to hang out in the dream world at least once a week, she is forever grateful.

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Seth Alt - Technical Director (sound guy)

A Spring Green native, Seth has been a part of the Shitty team since the beginning when all of the shows were running off an 8 channel powered mixer with no separate mix for monitors. We've come a long way since then, and so has Seth. Let's just say, he learns best by doing, and he has brought the sound at the barn (and his expertise) to where it is today.

When he's not tinkering at the barn or working as a web developer at his day job, he enjoys spending time with his family and exploring, by land and by sea, the Spring Green river valley.

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Tracy Harris - Lead Designer/Design Series Curator

Calling Madison, WI her home, by way of a childhood stint in NorCal and mostly growing up in a small town in the middle of Wisconsin, Tracy is an obsessive maker. Design, painting, knitting, and photography are but a few disciplines that occupy space in her jumble of brain matter. Lover of kittehs, PMS 159, polaroid, the music scene and beer, she designs for Cricket Design Works by day, partners with her husband, Nate, to open/run Rockhound Brewing Co. by night, and adores the family that the barn has created.

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Chris Staples - Co-Founder/Owner

Chris was the face, the voice, and the personality behind the barn for the first six years of our existence. He made us laugh, cry, and dig deep in our pockets to support the bands after each show. A member and strong supporter of the Spring Green community for many years, Chris' recent move to Madison has made it difficult for him to continue providing the effort the barn needed to continue, so he passed the baton on to us. There is no possible way to replace Chris' personality, but we hope to continue running the barn with his aesthetic in mind, and keep bringing good music and atmosphere to the people that love coming out to the barn. 

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Martha McCamy - Co-Founder/Owner

Martha may not always be the face of the barn, but her work behind the scenes cannot go un-noted. Besides being an owner, Martha has managed the tickets, website, social media, customer service, books, and more. Martha is a mother and mentor from southwestern Wisconsin. She draws on over 20 years of professional experience in corporate, entrepreneurial and nonprofit environments. For the past 10 years Martha has managed diverse project teams to solve complex technology challenges with solutions ranging from enterprise software upgrades to a major enterprise data warehouse overhaul.  In this work, she has honed her ability to connect with people completely and deeply and to inspire them to bring their natural gifts to work. More recently her focus has turned to the unique challenges faced by professional women and how those challenges might be overcome in a way that goes beyond the mandates of equality enforced by your friendly HR representative. Mindfulness practice and her involvement in starting two arts organizations (The Shitty Barn and Swiss Miss) inform her non-traditional, interdisciplinary approach to spotting and removing obstacles to full authentic expression and professional growth.

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Alex Savage - Sound Intern

Alex served as sound intern for 3 season and continues to fill in if needed. He went on to attend UW Madison, where, on the side, continued to work in sound for events at the student Union.

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Aran Madden - Beer man

Co-founder of Furthermore Beer, one of the barn's first sponsors. The success of Futhermore's annual barn parties were part of the inspiration leading to the Sh*tty Barn Sessions.

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Brian Fuller - Co-founder/Guitarchitecht

Brian Fuller is a Co-Founder of The Sh*tty Barn and Principal Guitarchitecht at Yahara Guitars. He absolutely adores this place and the way it makes community. His contributions to the original vision of the Barn blah blah blah, technical support for Derp derp derpa. He took a bunch of pictures and made a bunch of videos in the early years, most of which are yet unpublished and could be used for some future Barn surprise thingy. Globbity globby derp globb ….. uhhhhhhhhh… crap. Lemme think. Oh yeah! He planted a bunch of plants around the barn to un-shit it once, but that was futile and the shitty killed the plants. Its better that way.
For now, Brian is taking a break from Barn activities to focus on a Blitz KrawB and new shop. In 2014, after 11 un-shitty years in Spring Green, Brain and Yahara Guitars uprooted and splatted in the woods in the Town of Middleton. Once the powersful new shop weapon is constructed and breathing new guitars, maybe you might see Brian back around the Barn or hear one of those guitars making sweet slow jams in your ear-holes while you watch your favorite act play somebody else’s favorite song. Its possible.
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Dave Chapman - Artist

Barn Neighbor. Lawn artist. Dave built the awning over the bar so you don't get wet while ordering a beer in the rain. 

Some of his other creations can be seen here.

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Dave Schinke - Carpenter

Local Spring Green carpentry hero. Anything custom built in the barn that doesn't look 'shitty,' has probably been touched by Schinke.

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Eric Ferguson - Lighting

Eric assists in creating the barn's ambiance. His photography background informs his lighting decisions so that the bands look good even in a shitty barn.

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Erin Fuller - Co-Founder/Designer/Design Series Curator

Erin, former villager of Spring Green - now Madison resident, has been part of the barn from the very start as a co-founder and co-producer. A graphic designer/art director by day (and a lot of nights) she has always volunteered these talents to the barn sessions; crafting the visual identity, branding materials, curating and contributing to the barn's poster series. As an avid music fan and life-long musician, the barn has always been a project close to her heart and she's happy to assist the transition this next generation of barn trustees with her design prowess. 

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Holly Henschen - Copywriter

Holly Henschen is a native Midwesterner/Madison transplant whose love of words rivals only that of her love of barns and music. (Ask her about the barn thing. The farmgirl has stories.) Joining those three infatuations by copywriting for the Shitty Barn has opened a gate in the space-time continuum, ushering her into the present perfect tense. That's why she's dancing like that. 

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Jaime Hansen - Recording Engineer

A recording engineer in Eau Claire, Jaime drove down each month to run sound for the barn's first year. He has provided assistance and expertise as needed and has been a great resource for the barn.

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MJ Hecox - Co-Founder/Booking

MJ helped the barn get rolling by booking the bands for the first couple of seasons.

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